Last Generation

Naren Wadhwani

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Cultural diversity is a great asset to the east bay, and it has been in part fueled by an excellent public university system.  My submission of a photograph depicting UC Cal Berkeley students protesting 32% tuition fee hikes celebrates diversity and also highlights the dangers of the status quo.  A problem that arose not from the Great Recession, but policies put into place over several decades.

Colleges throughout America in their brochures, touting cultural diversity as a great asset to an education at their institution have become ubiquitous.  It is in fact true that this makes for a better informed, more interesting society, and diversity can been one the "three pillars" of higher education along with quality of education and resources. 

On November 18 , 2009 thousands of students, educators and university employees together voiced their opposition to the tuition increases.  I noticed a group of minority students, creatively voicing their opposition and bringing attention to the impact on diversity.

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