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Whitney Vosburgh

Berkeley, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

Flowers At My Feet: Balinese Offerings to the Gods

Everywhere I went, I came across flowers and floral offerings in Bali. What caught my eye in particular were the small thatched, square bamboo trays lined with cut banana leaves and filled with offerings consisting of various (and varied) flowers, fruit, incense sticks, shredded leaves, and rice – often with candy, cookies, and even cigarettes. These offerings were ubiquitous and never the same. I found them all over – in doorways, in front of shops and homes, on altars and motorbikes, in cars and small shrines, on temple altars, out in the rice fields, and in front of our hotel rooms. I also noticed miniature offerings consisting of a tiny square of banana leaf with some rice and a reddish powder, perhaps turmeric, sometimes with a few tiny flower petals.
These offerings were a microcosm of all that is enchanting, and interesting about Bali: art, culture, religion, and flora.

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