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Shelli Joye

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
Visual Art

Artist Statement:

I am from South America.  I was born in Port O’Spain, Trinidad, I grew up near London, and began painting in New York in 1970 while working for Andy Warhol at The Factory.  Afterwards I lived for twenty years in Saudi Arabia.  My bachelor's degree is in science and I have an MA in Asian Studies.  I am currently working in a doctoral program in Integral Aesthetics at CIIS.

I mostly work in my studio in the Eastmont hills of east of Oakland, but also have a studio in Assisi, Italy.

My paintings can be portals that open a viewer’s inner eye to visions of inner landscapes and dimensions normally hidden by everyday concerns.


My goal is to awaken and activate these visions in the viewer with Gaian colorfield gravity flows of metallic powders layered in epoxy resin through transparent depths, drawing the observer into the pure light and the deep space within us all.



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