Oakland B Mine

The story: A weary traveler arrives in Oakland and see the woman of his dreams, who then siren-like takes him and the viewer on a flirtatious cat and mouse game throughout the city, showing us all the highlights of Oakland's diverse people, topography, architecture and culture.

Mateen Kemet

Oakland, CA

Artistic Disciplines:
New Media

Artist Statement:

As an Oakland resident and Artist I am constantly seeking to find a way to express myself creatively and give rise to my "Oaklandness" in the process. Oakland is a very interesting place, it is at once developed and underdeveloped, earthy yet cosmopolitan, active but remote, comfortable and dangerous, angry yet passive, disfigured yet astonishingly beautiful.  It is a city that is in constant flux and is whatever you need it to be depending on what part of town you happen to be in.  Personally, I've called Oakland home for the past 20 years and clearly have Oakland "in me".  The question for me has been--particularly of late--how do I put my stamp on the city, not for self-aggrandizement, but for utility?  What can I do to improve the conditions of the city or perhaps as an imagemaker... the image?  I finally arrived at an answer 2 years ago with what I deem as my love letter to the city, a film titled Oakland B Mine. This film is a quick overview of the entire city but without dialogue only imagery and music, a travelogue but an experimental take on the traditional travelogue.  This work is a narrative, a love story with a beautiful woman named... Oakland.   The work takes us through a the diversity, the nooks and crannies, the topography and architecture of the city in a manner that not only tourist can enjoy but residents as well.  At any rate this is my artistic contribution to a city that I have passion for and therein lies the interest for submission to this contest.  I think the city is misread and certainly has been misrepresented in the media and my film Oakland B Mine seeks to change that 10'O clock news version of the city.

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